Team Silvia Massacesi e Davide Mariani

The brand Silvia Massacesi is born from the meeting of two founders: Silvia Massacesi and Davide Mariani.

With this brand Silvia and Davide create fashionable ecochic accessories. The materials used are natural, the design and production comes from long and concentrated study, attention in the innovation, shapes and colours.

Silvia creates the design and the sought shapes of the objects by choosing the colours and Davide finds the best innovative solutions in finalizing the objects.

Silvia is careful in the functionality and the aesthetic of the product and Davide concentrates in the research of new technologies of the materials. Two parts of a whole, of an extensive project where innovation represents the right balance between the respect of the environment and the production.

Davide and Silvia believe in a ‘reasoned fashion‘ and promote the eco-sustainability as a life style, and not just a trend. The bags originated are creations where the traditional italian artisanal well combines with the most modern technologies and where the aesthetic merges with ethic.

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