The Collection Borse D'autore

The collection Borse D’autore is part of the project initiated by Silvia together with her partner Davide Mariani, expert in digital communication and new technologies, and based on Crowdsourcing. This creative pair has shared their project on networks, which has brought it to the attention of artists and national and international designers.

Fashion meets art in a collaboration of several designers through which a collection of contemporary and fascinating clutch bags come to life. The accessories are transformed from blank canvases on which the artists (Daniele Geniale, Marco Lafiandra, Maria Martini, Enza Migliore, Cristina Ricci) propose their art and illustrations, bringing to life original pieces which become works of art to wear and carry.

Designers who have joined the project

Daniele Geniale

Designer of the bags: Merlì and F4F
Illustrator, graphic and editorial designer.
Produces visual texts considering the object of each work as part of the context that goes beyond the boundaries of the framework, spreading to the walls of a room, an exhibition space, up to the urban environment. Sensitive to all forms of street art, is engaged in the re-evaluation of the fabric
which draws inspiration from the urban, creating images through the techniques of the stencil and freehand drawing.

Enza Migliore

Designer of the clutches: Ischia and Rose
Enza, in the last decade, has carried out several activities related to the design: from education to research and development, in Italy and abroad; Today, while everyone is convinced that his PhD project concerns the field of materials for the design, actually is devising a way to make the trip and social lifestyles a replicable model!

Maria Martini

Designer of the clutches: Lulu and Fuga
Thirty years. Ten of which were spent in Rome, where he studied design and discovers the world of graphic arts. Flees to Madrid to explore the theme, but after some years returned home.
Loves geometries. For her, the triangle is the perfect form, dynamic, balanced.
Now she lives in Turin, where she works as a graphic designer.

Marco Lafiandra

Designer clutch: Nao
Marco Lafiandra is Born in Bari but has lived in Viterbo.
He studied in Rome but also in Milan and Valencia.
Considering the enthusiasm and well-being that proliferates in Italy, one day, thanks to his parents, he moved to Manhattan.
He is a designer and photographer.
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