Our ecochic collection

This handbag collection is named TRANSFORMAZIONE EST-ETICA, i.e.,  how,  from an aesthetic transformation you arrive at an ethic transformation. With this ecochic handbag collection I have demonstrated the possibility, also in the fashion sector, to produce whilst maintaining respect for the environment. My collection included all of the following points:

Product Made in Italy
Quality of the product
Use of natural materials
Study of the design

A significant attention is paid to the ‘Made in Italy’. The bags are entirely made in Italy by master craftsmen, thereby guaranteeing a product of high quality, which has been studied in every single detail. The Italian craft traditions are combined to the innovation of the materials such as cork and cellulose fibers, these materials come from Italian companies. Thus creating a product ‘Made in Italy’, the only one of its kind.

The use of these materials has taken long and concentrated studies. Assisted by specialized companies we have made the bags durable, flexible and waterproof.

To achieve this result an innovative system has been set-up.

This new method allows to enrich the front and the back of the bags with modern geometric decorations. The decorations are highlighted by the contrast of color that is created between the two materials and from the three-dimensional obtained. This process allows to meet the requests of any client, being able to customize the decoration upon request.

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